Our Services

Engineering Service. As a subject matter expert in the heating, ventilation and air-conditioning industry, Tekgard provides engineering services dedicated to one-time cost efforts for research, develop, design and testing of new heating and cooling technologies. We have state-of-the-art test equipment and a prototype chamber compliant with the ASHRAE 37 indoor air enthalpy method of cooling capacity measurement at our facility to assist in new system validation.

Field Servicing, Training & Technical Manual. Tekgard offers onsite technician service support on all our equipment, wherever our customer’s need us. Typical field service work includes: warranty servicing, functionality testing, familiarization training, and non-warranty support. In addition, we provide system familiarization and certification training at our facilities for large groups of personnel and have hosted many successful training events to our domestic and foreign partners. We also provide technical writing services including ECU and System-Level Operation and Maintenance Manuals.
Repair of Repairable (ROR)/Depot Service. Tekgard provides ROR and depot level servicing to restore all types of ECUs and support equipment back to working conditions and original specifications, regardless of original manufacturer. We have provided this type of service for a multitude of customers to help reduce cost and spending for them.

Spare Parts & Accessories Supply. Tekgard assist our customers in providing a wide variety of spare parts to help maximize their heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems operational life.